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Welcome... it is a pleasure you dropped in.-Tim O'Brien


Q: What airport should I fly into?

A: Heathrow…there is an Oxford City Bus Bay at the Central Bus Station at the airport; the bus leaves every thirty minutes and takes seventy minutes to get Oxford; stay on the bus until the final stop: Gloucester Green. Worcester College sits directly across the road behind the Gloucester Green bus depot. There is also bus service from Gatwick, but it is every ninety minutes.


Q: When should I buy an airline ticket?

A: ASAP; it appears that the best fares come open on Wednesday nights; why? I don’t know, but it has always been the best day to find the most reasonable fares.


Q: What if I am coming from London?

A: Take the Oxford City Bus; the bus leaves every thirty minutes from along Park Lane it takes seventy minutes to get Oxford; stay on the bus until the final stop: Gloucester Green. Worcester College sits directly across the road behind the Gloucester Green bus depot.


Q: What time is check-in?

A: Check-in is on Sunday after noon.


Q: Where do I check in?

A: The Porters’ Lodge, which sits just inside the front gate where Beaumont Street runs into the college.


Q: Will I need to bring linens, sheets, et al?

A: No.


Q: Is there computer access in my room?

A: Worcester College has WiFi available for all participants.


Q: Will I need to bring an umbrella?

A: Yes, England’s summer climate is mildly unstable or is it unstably mild…


Q: Will there be a place for me to do laundry?

A: Yes, information is available at the Porters’ Lodge.


Q: Will I need to bring an electrical adapter?

A: Yes, be sure that it is for the UK and not Western Europe.


Q: What clothes should I pack?

A: The sessions are very casual; good walking shoes are a must for Oxford and Worcester College; it is a medieval environment with lots of steps and cobblestone streets. In the past people have dressed up for the Thursday Night Supper.


Q: Can I bring my wife, husband, significant other, friend, et al?

A: Yes, we can arrange for a double room; the cost will be $1200 extra and all of our non-academic activities will be included for them.


Q: Are meals included?

A: Yes and no; all breakfasts are included and served in the Great Hall each morning; there is also the opening reception (in-college) and dinner at a nearby restaurant. There is also our closing banquet. Otherwise all other meals are on your own.


Q: Is there a refrigerator in the dorm room?
A: Yes


Q: Are there restaurants nearby?

A: Worcester College is located in central Oxford and is within walking distance to Italian, French, Indian, Spanish, traditional English, and Chinese restaurants; there are also walk-away delis and sandwich shops near by.


Q: Will I need to bring the texts being covered to the academy?

A: Yes, texts are recommended for close contextual readings will be practiced.


Q: Is there college credit available?

A: Yes, cost is $325 for 3 extension credits through University of California, Riverside (mark application.)


Q: What is near to Worcester College?

A: The Ashmolean Museum is two blocks up the street; Blenheim Palace is a twenty minute bus ride away; the Cotswalds are just fifteen minutes by train; Stratford-upon-Avon is an hour away by coach; London is sixty-five minutes away by coach.

While in England, always use the crosswalks and LOOK RIGHT!


Q: What if I need to cancel, will I be eligibile for a refund?

A: Yes... under the following conditions:

-90+ days before opening day 100% of the monies paid will be refunded minus the non-refundable $100 registration fee

-60-89 days before the opening day 75% of the monies paid in will be refunded minus the non-refundable $100 registration fee

-30-59 days before the opening day 50% of the monies paid in will be refunded minus the non-refundable registration fee

-Less than thirty days before the opening day all fees paid in are subject to retention. Call the director for advice.


Q: Is there a payment plan

A: Yes. After registration a schedule of payments appears on your returned "updated statement."


Q: Is there scholarship opportunities for attending.

A: Yes, the College Board offers a fellows program that is announced in mid-winder; fellowship monies in the past have been from $1000 for urban high schools and $1500 for rural high schools. Check your AP Central account often for details.


Q: What if I receive a College Board Fellows scholarship?

A: First all tuition must be paid prior to the beginning of the AP Oxford Academy. Due to the College Board funding calendar, any overage will be reimbursed directly to the source from which tuition had been paid. (i.e. If AP Oxford Academy receives a check from a high school or district the reimbursement check will be sent directly to that funding source.)

Testimonials from our 2017 Alumni

Teacher from California...”OMG! I absolutely LOVED this workshop! Both James and Tim were friendly, professional, and enthusiastic throughout the sessions. I am walking away with great ideas n works that I teach and ideas and strategies for new pieces of literature."

Teacher from Georgia: “A Great experience! Informative and enlightening! Very well done!”

Teacher from Illinois...”This conference was a “moment in time” like the concept we discussed---magical and inspiring. Tim and Jim- thank you, Thank you.’

Teacher from Illinois...”So much of what I learned was game-changing. I’m completely re-vamping my AP syllabus! “The Living with Keats” unit is something I will adopt ...I can’t wait to go back t Heart of Darkness (I stopped teaching it three years ago); I will definitely add Dubliners and hopefully Going After Cacciato.”

Teacher from China...”The Bradshaw Academy is an oasis for intellectual AP literature teachers. I don’t always have enough literary discussion with colleagues...the academy refreshed and invigorated my literary soul.”

Teacher from Ohio...”This is the only professional development opportunity I’ve had as a teacher that was actually designed by teachers and run by teachers for teachers! The information was useful and the pace perfect...All of the extras: Shakespeare play, banquet, time to explore Oxford were as wonderful as the sessions themselves.”

Teacher from Arizona...”I had an amazing time! Thank you so much for everything and I truly learned a lot that I plan to use in my class!”

Teacher from Illinois...”I’ve attended APSIs before, but this session felt for tangible! I learned concrete skills that I can immediately apply in my classroom. I also felt I learned a lot about the content which was lovely. Tim’s passion was infectious!”

Teacher from Georgia...”This was delightful! The time spent with Mr. Cross and Mr. Fossett inspired me to be a better educator. I was challenged, validated, and encouraged. I can’t wait to come back.”

Teacher from Florida...Jim and Tim, this was a great experience. I needed support fro my AP classes as a first year AP teacher. This has prepared meto help my students succeed”


Testimonials from our 2016 Alumni

"My time at Worcester was enchanting. The lectures from Tim and James challenged. David Bradshaw's energy and intellect were a privilege to witness. This APSI and the beautiful memories will sustain me."

5 Years Experience


"I can think of no better place to study literature than Oxford. This trip was memorable, informative, and simply excellent. James Cross is a tremendous communicator, and Tim Fossett is a good right hand man as they come. Overall: Great experience."

4 Years Experience



"The Best AP conference I have been to. I would love to return. It is fantastic to talk with and learn from these individuals."

4 Years Experience



"Everything was wonderful."

13 Years Experience



"The AP Oxford Academy stresses the needs of its participants to enrich our professional lives. Its content and pedagogy allow us to muse."

23 Years Experience



Exceeded my expectation!” 

6 Years Experience



Very well organized. Commitment of presenters was very high. The group was fantastic.

16 Years Experience


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